Large Powerjet Nozzle

Large Powerjet Nozzle

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Large Powerjet Nozzle

Tru-Design's Powerjet range of nozzles are durable yet light weight


  • Manufactured from high impact strength polymer these nozzles can be adjusted easily and smoothly with a twist of the wrist for a strong jet throw,cone spray or fog pattern
  • Applications include marine, industrial and agricultural wash down, wildland firefighting, industrial fire protection, fire department use and marine fire protection on boat and dockside. Powerjet nozzles are approved for use as fire hoses on surveyed vessels in New Zealand
  • Available with either a Composite or Brass valve
  • Thread size 1½" BSP


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Large Powerjet Nozzle


NozzleLarge Powerjet brass valve

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Large Powerjet Nozzle


Nozzle Large Powerjet Composite valve